Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Creative Project To Do List

I am not super creative but I do enjoy taking on simple knitting and sewing projects. Before I had the babe I was constantly knitting and had even sewed a few projects for her nursery. I definitely do not have as much time for projects as I did before the babe arrived but I do have a number I am determined to get done. I am hoping by making my To Do list public I'll actually follow through on them. I will also try to post on their progress and maybe even do a tutorial or two (if I remember to take photos during the process).

The Projects:
- Baby blanket and matching sweater. My brother and sister-in-law are having their second at the end of September/beginning of October. I knit blankets and sweaters for all the babies in my family so this is a must to-do. However, I'm giving myself a little slack on this one. Sweater Deadline: September 21st. Blanket Deadline: December 25th.
- Knit dolls x 5. I also try to knit dolls for the babies in my life. I have been doing a Batman series for my nephew so have another one to do for him. I would also like to knit a doll for my daughter - I'm leaning towards Indiana Jones for hers. The new niece or nephew will also get one as will two other family babies that have not yet received theirs. I'm giving myself two deadlines to correspond with birthdays and Christmas. Deadlines: November 12th December 25th.
- Birthday Banner. Inspired by my dear friend The Deliberate Mom I would like to sew a Happy Birthday banner for my babe. Deadline: February 2nd.

I may add additional projects as I go but the ones currently listed are definitely my top priorities. I have a closet full of yarn and a giant bin full of fabric - all I need it the motivation to crank out some projects.

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  1. Awwww - I'm flattered the birthday banner inspired you! If you need any tips, let me know!

    Cheering you on... you can do it!