Saturday, December 21, 2013

A Poem for #YEGlongnight

Between the ages of 11 and 19 I wrote a lot of "poetry". I was so excited to submit a portfolio for, and to get into, Write 393 during my undergrad. That course killed any passion I had for writing. I haven't written anything resembling poetry since - well maybe a random haiku but that is just because they are fun.

So it is with great hesitation that I post this for you, a "poem" inspired by #YEGlongnight - you can read more about the project celebrating the longest night of the year here.

A Poem for #YEGlongnight
My baby calls out
I go to her
Nurse her in the dark of the early morn
Normally the weight of today
This longest, darkest day
Would be too much
It would keep me in bed
Buried under covers
But not today
Today the warmth of my nursing babe
Her sweet milk drunk smile
Her bright shining eyes
Are light
She pushes back the shadows
As we wait for the sun
This day of the longest night

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